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Windows Loader V2.1.8 X86-x64-daz

Windows Loader v2.1.8 x86-x64-daz

Windows Loader is a popular tool that can activate Windows 7 and some versions of Windows Server 2012 by using a custom bootloader and a modified SLIC (Software Licensing Description Table) certificate. It was created by a developer known as DAZ, who has released several versions of the tool over the years.

The latest version of Windows Loader, v2.1.8, was released on December 15, 2012. It added support for more operating systems, such as Windows Server 2012 Standard, Essentials, Foundation and Datacenter, Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard and Workgroup, and Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Standard and Premium. It also added new SLICs and keys for various brands of computers, such as AOC, ByteSpeed, DakTech, Genuine C&C, INSYS, WIPRO and Zoostorm. Additionally, it fixed some bugs and added new launch parameters.


Windows Loader works by installing a new GRLDR (GRand Unified Bootloader) file that replaces the original one in the boot sector of the hard drive. The GRLDR file contains code that can bypass the Windows activation check and inject a modified SLIC certificate into the system BIOS. The SLIC certificate is a digital signature that proves that the computer is licensed to run a specific version of Windows. By using a modified SLIC certificate, Windows Loader can trick Windows into thinking that it is running on an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) computer that has a pre-activated license.

Windows Loader is compatible with most versions of Windows 7 and some versions of Windows Server 2012. However, it does not work with Windows 8 or newer versions of Windows, as they use a different activation method based on online verification and digital entitlements. To activate Windows 8 or newer versions of Windows, other tools are required, such as KMS (Key Management Service) emulators or HWID (Hardware ID) generators.

Windows Loader is considered to be a safe and reliable tool by many users who have used it to activate their copies of Windows. However, it is also considered to be illegal and unethical by Microsoft and other software companies, as it violates their terms of service and intellectual property rights. Using Windows Loader may also expose the user to security risks, such as malware infections or legal actions. Therefore, it is recommended to use genuine and legal copies of Windows instead of using Windows Loader or other similar tools.


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