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HyperDot PC Game Free Download

HyperDot PC Game Review

HyperDot is a minimal action arcade game that challenges you to dodge everything. It is developed by Tribe Games and published by GLITCH. It was released on January 31, 2020 for PC and Xbox, and it is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 .

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In HyperDot, you control a dot that can move freely in a circular arena. Your goal is to avoid colliding with any of the enemies that spawn randomly and move unpredictably. The game has over 100 hand-crafted levels and trials in the single-player campaign mode, each with different enemies, arenas, and modifiers . You can also play with up to four friends in local multiplayer battles, or create your own custom challenges with the level editor .

The game has a unique aesthetic, with a minimalist design and a vibrant color scheme. The game also features a dynamic soundtrack that adapts to your gameplay and creates a rhythmic flow. The game supports various controllers, including mouse, keyboard, gamepad, Xbox Adaptive Controller, eye-tracking, tilt, and touch . The game also has high contrast and colorblind modes, as well as options to disable screenshake and background animations for accessibility .

HyperDot is a game that tests your reflexes, skills, and patience. It is a game that can be relaxing or intense, depending on how you play it. It is a game that offers endless possibilities and replay value. It is a game that deserves your attention.

If you are interested in HyperDot, you can buy it on Steam,, or Xbox. You can also visit the official website or the Wikipedia page for more information.

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